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ISO 9002

Quality Assurance Statement

Sliwo Lighting is committed to supplying our customers with best quality AC and DC efficient lighting products. Let's work together and lighting up everybody's life!

LED down light

LED Down Light

Sliwo Downlights are energy-efficient LED recessed retrofits to replace conventional halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) light. They are widely used in hospitality, commercial and residential locations.

2U Mini Lamps

(Total Height: 90mm
Diameter: 35mm)

Sliwo,  a professional LED, energy saving lamp, lighting fixture and electronic ballast manufacturer, we have great experience in manufacturing LED retrofit products, including LED bulb lamp, LED panel light, LED tube light, LED down light.

Mini reflectors
Energy Saving Mini Reflectors

Circular lamps
22W / 32W Circular Lamp

Mini & Super Lotus
Mini & Super Lotus
EL-LTM (5W~200W)
(Very Compact, High Light Output. Suitable For Home, Super Markets, and Street Lighting Applications. )

The art of Aluminum Extrusion

The art of Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum extrusions can be turned into a limitless number of shapes, colours, finishes and ultimately, aluminum products for industry.

High quality CNC machining parts
High quality CNC machining parts and components from SliWO machining shop

 Sliwo Led,an Inspiration for Energy Efficient Lighting. Led Panel Light,Led Tube Light,Led Bulb Lamp,Led Spot Light,Led Down Light,Led Ceiling Lamp...

Sliwo Led, an Inspiration for Energy Efficient Lighting
( Retrofitting conventional lights with SLiWO LEDs )

Sliwo is one of the most recognized brands for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs, delivering greatest value to our customers, helping save energy, and protecting the environment. As a professional LED lighting manufacturing company, we have great experience in manufacturing LED lighting products.
Rechargeable LED flashlight,led searchlight,led work light
Rechargeable LED flashlight,led searchlight,led work light
Sliwo strives to bring you the best rechargeable LED flashlight,led searchlight, led solar light and led work light available in the market.

LED Tube Light,ledOur super bright LED lamps have renewed landmarks including government office buildings, five star hotels, hospitals, university and high school classrooms, super markets and many more:


 Led Panel Light


 Led Spot Light
*  Led Tube Light *  Led Down Light
*  Led Bulb Lamp *  Led Ceiling Lamp

SLiWO LED Panel light features an advanced LED optic specifically designed for directly replacing traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes, enabling significant energy saving and providing wonderful illuminative solutions to shopping centers: LED PANEL

SLiWO LED Panel light providing wonderful illuminative solutions to shopping centers

Solar Energy Lighting Products (DC Lighting)
(DC electronic ballasts, bulbs, lighting fixtures, lanterns...)

Sliwo is a leading provider of industrial and commercial grade solar powered efficient lighting systems. Our solar lighting systems have the most reliable service and the best prices in the industry. Customers have enjoyed many hours of trouble-free clean energy service. Featuring: DC Electronic Ballast

Energy Efficient LED Lighting  - Decorative fixtures
Best selling!Energy saving Ceiling lamp

The look of fluorescent And LED energy efficient lighting has evolved into decorative fixtures, sconces And outdoor lighting And also reduced operating costs.

Flushmount Lighting Fixtures - Energy Saving

From the living room to the kitchen, entry hall to walk-in closet, these trim, contemporary flush ceiling & wall fixtures are sure to find a welcome use in your home. Adhering to the basic tenets of modern design, they offer bold architectural shapes and accents of light and metal for exciting artistic statements. What's more, they save energy thus reduce your electricity costs. Available in many styles in each unique collection.

SLiWO Aluminum Extrusion Home  NEW!!!

SLiWO Aluminum Extrusion
SLiWO produces according to customers samples or drawings, turing out high quality aluminum extrusion products ideal for lighting, building, electrical, cars, airplanes and other industry or commercial applications. Aluminum products.

SLiWO Auto Accessories Home     

SLiWO Auto Accessories Home
Add style and comfort to your car with our whole range of best craftsmanship auto accessories collections. Steering Wheel Cover, positive grip
Sliwo automobile AC air filter,  Cabin Air Filter
Sliwo automobile AC air filter, Cabin Air Filter
Clear the car Cabin air with the best air filter. The most efficient Sliwo models filter dust, pollen, and smoke without impeding the flow of air.
Sliwo automobile AC air filters serve to keep the cabin as comfortable as possible for the passengers by removing pollutants such as dust, dirt, and

Super Sprial Energy Saving Lamps 

Little power consumption, maximum power output. We are pleased to announce the Spiral super bright energy saving lamps. The design of the whole lamp is compact and stylish. Maximum output upto 250W!  110V,  220V, or 277V models are available.Buy Now

SLIWO Fluoroplastic Centrifugal Chemical Pump, Corrosion Resistant Pump 
(Sliwo Pumps serves many different industries through its whole range of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps)
SLIWO Fluoroplastic Centrifugal Chemical Pump, Corrosion Resistant Pump


Learning Zone
A whole range of LED green lighting products


Aluminum Extrusion
For LED lamp heat sink or housing & enclosure

Aluminum Extrusion for led heat sink

 LED Buld Lamp

LED bulb lamp

LED bulb lamps are a direct replacement of conventional light and CFL. For retrofitting.

DC Electronic Ballast

DC Electronic Ballast

Model: EH-DC
High efficient electronic DC input ballasts for fluorescent lamps! Suitable for T4,T5,T8 up to T12 fluorescent bulbs. Also running really very cool and very reliable! 12V,24V,42V DC input, with IC control circuit
Customly produced according to customer's sample or drawing.

 T5/T4 Slim Light Fixture


T5 lighting fixture Suitable for home, restaurant, office, shop, .. Linkable, energy efficient...
AC, DC input

CNC and EDM precision machine shop services
Expert CNC and EDM precision machine shop services
Sliwo also offers Expert CNC and EDM precision machine shop services for complex or difficult to machine components that need very close tolerance machining. Inclusive of Micromachining, wire EDM, and 3 and 4 axis CNC machining. All of this is achieved via state of the art machines and a highly trained and motivated workforce.

Products and services

*Led lighting products
*Energy Saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent)
*DC solar energy lighting
*Fluorescent Lamps
*Electronic Ballasts
*Lighting Fixtures
*Electronic Transformers
*Halogen Lamps
*OEM Lighting Products Design & Manufacture

DC Lighting Products

DC Electronic Ballast For Solar & Wind Lighting projects or UV lamp

DC Electronic Ballast
For Solar & Wind Lighting projects or UV lamp ballast

























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