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Luminous Flux

       Model:DC-5 DC-7 DC-9 DC-11 DC-13 DC-15 DC-18  
  5w 120mm 360 SOLAR POWER

Features and functions: Input Power: DC 12v, 24V 5W-40W        DC Electronic ballastDC electronic ballasts

  7w   130 360
  9w   140  470
 13w   165 600
 11w   155 700
 15w   170 800
 18w   180 900
DC electronic ballast

  DC Electronic Ballast, With IC Controlled High Efficient Circuit

  Input: 12VDC, 24VDC or 42VDC
  Suitable for: T5, T8, T10, T12 fluorescent bulbs
  Overall dimensions: 102 X 45 X 32mm

Lighting Products Powered By Solar Energy

Solar Energy LED Lights
(as reading lamp and portable flash light)

Features:   Model: JD-2262
* New compact design. All ABS constructions for durable life.
* With Collapsible Neck, when fully extended,it could reach a height of 16cm, which
is suitable for reading. When folded,it has a very compact size of 10.5 X 9.5 X 3.8 cm for portable applications.
* Light weight and portable: only 0.26KG
* Powered by CLEAN solar energy; with very efficient built-in solar panel. After 6 hours of sun light,
it offers continuous lighting for upto 3 hours. With a complete charge, the lamp will offer 8 hours of non-interrupt service!

Solar LED Light
Solar Camping Lantern Solar Camping Lantern Work Lamp Solar Warning Light

For high way, subway, railroads...

Sliwo is a leading provider of industrial and commercial grade solar powered efficient lighting systems. Our solar lighting systems have the most reliable service and the best prices in the industry. Customers have enjoyed many hours of trouble-free clean energy service.
Solar Road Stud (SRS): Model QH

Our Solar Road Stud (SRS) provides clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. After being energized by the sun, the SRS automatically starts to flash when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather. The bright yellow flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drivers - much earlier than conventional road studs. This advanced warning gives drivers more time to avoid or navigate danger zones.

The SRS can be used to mark traffic hazards such as median strips, provide toll booth lane control at bridges and tunnels, and for traffic guidance on sharp corners in fog prone areas.

Our experience shows that the SRS has a lifetime of over 5 years. We offer a one year limited warranty on the fixture.

Why Our SRS is Better
Solar powered LED doesnt require external power sources.
LEDs along with standard retro-reflective materials provide guidance at night and during inclement weather.
LEDs light continuously for approximately 7 hours after one hour of sunlight. With a complete charge, the SRS will flash for 8 days (12 hours a day).
Available with blue, green, red, or yellow LEDs.
Tough aluminum and stainless steel construction is resistant to the weather and traffic wear.
Low maintenance (cleaning with standard road sweeper).

Solar powered LED provides clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions.
Solar cell: poly-crystalline silicon(3V)
Storage battery: Ni-MH(2300mA) / Super Capacity
Size: 5.2" x 4.8" x .79" (132 x 122 x 20mm)
Weight: 17.6 ounces (500 g)
Shaft Diameter: 1.1" (28mm)
Drill Hole Depth: 2.17" (55mm)
Compression Resistance: 2,204 lbs./in. (1,000 kg/cm)
Heat Resistance: -13F to +149F (-25C to +65)

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