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Best sellingContemporary
     Compact Lighting Fixture-----
That saves energy.

From the living room to the bath room, entry hall to walk-in closet, these trim, contemporary compact lighting fixtures are sure to find a welcome use in your home. Adhering to the basic tenets of modern design, they offer bold architectural shapes and accents of light and metal for exciting artistic statements. What's more, they save energy thus reduce your electricity costs. Available in 3 styles in each unique collection.

T4/T5 Series: 4w-21w

T4,T5 series

2HA, 2HH &2HS Collection

2hs.jpg (7781 bytes)

Model: 2HS


  • 18W,24W,36W.
    Could be suspended.

2hh.jpg (9328 bytes)Model: 2HH


  • 7W,9W,11W

2ha.gif (9719 bytes)


  • 18W,24W,36W
    Save 50% more power than conventional fixtures.

Compact lighting fixture (energy saving)

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